The Eurovision Drinking Game

It’s Eurovision time! Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th of May, from Kyiv (the Ukrainian capital city previously known as Kiev), it’s that time again!

I’m afraid I haven’t had time for a full review and new 2017 edition of the Eurovision Drinking Game Rules – but here they are, freshly time-travelled from last year, for those of you asking for them (I have actually had requests. No word of a lie!).

For 2017, have a Special Brexit Booby Prize – any reference to Brexit, everyone downs their glass.

Country Skills for Modern Life

It’s Eurovision time again! Where has the time gone? I had almost decided to skip the traditional Eurovision Drinking Game Rules post this year, but Hubby convinced me otherwise. So, somewhat belatedly – sorry folks, I’ve been incredibly busy the last few months – it’s that time again! The 61st Eurovision Song Contest takes place tonight – yes, TONIGHT – May 14th 2016, in Stockholm. <whispers> And this year, I’m going to miss it! The pathos! The tragedy! So I need all you guys to play extra hard on my behalf, OK?

Before we go on, I must pause to welcome our American friends, who for the first time ever can watch Eurovision live on tv! How exciting for you guys! You are, I suspect, going to find the whole thing rather mystifying – don’t worry, just keep drinking, and you’ll find the disorientating effect of the contest itself is…

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