Some of my libraryRecommendations for books I have found helpful, and titles mentioned in the blog.  I’m a bit of a gannet for interesting books and tend to pick up anything I see that takes my fancy (damn you, Amazon!).  Here are a few of the titles I’ve found myself referring to again and again.

Arranged roughly by category, this list will be expanded as time goes by (and my book collecting habit gets increasingly out of control!).

Chicken Keeping

Home Brewing


  • Preserves, Pam Corbin (River Cottage Handbook No.2, Bloomsbury Publishing)  ISBN 978-0-7475-9532-8.  This is a beautifully printed little hardback book with some great recipes.  Beware, though, it looks so pretty on the shelf you’ll want to collect the whole series.
  • How to Store Your Garden Produce, Piers Warren (Green Books) ISBN 978-1-900322-17-1.  Very practical guide to preserving and storing fruit and veg from the garden.
Candle Making
  • The Candle Maker, Claire Leavey (Collins & Brown Limited / North Light Books, 2002) ISBN 1-58180-250-1.  Sadly appears to be currently out of print, I got my copy from Abebooks from a US second hand book dealer.  Easily the best general purpose guide to home candle-making I’ve found, however.
  • The Making Your Own Candles Bloguseful online resource from one of my favourite online candlemaking supplies sellers.

Home Curing / Bacon Making

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