Holidays Are Coming… and it’s very nearly Advent!

There’s no escaping the fact that winter has well and truly arrived, and that Advent, and Christmas, are just around the corner!  Christmas is probably my favourite time of year, which is a bit odd, I suppose, as I really really don’t get on with winter.  The cold, and especially the long dark months, seem to sap my energy.  I’m sure I evolved from a creature that hibernated, because honestly I could curl up under a rock in the middle of November and not come out until March.  But Christmas – Christmas is a bright, beautiful jewel in an otherwise dark and barren winter landscape.  The lights and sparkles, the food, the drink, and above all, the laughter and joy of loved ones, friends and family.

Every year that goes by, I seem to spend less money on a ‘commercial’ Christmas, and more time and effort on home-made, food and drink, gifts and decorations.  So the next few weeks are going to be really busy!  Never mind the inevitable – welcome, but time consuming – increase in social commitments, works parties, people visiting. Of course, what everyone needs with all this going on is an extra time-sink.

The thought occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that it would be really fun (fun?!?) to try to blog daily, from December 1st to Christmas Eve – about my Christmas preparations, food and drink, making and doing, building up to the big day…

So, please come along with me while I try to Blog Advent – the Country Skills Way – and forgive me if I don’t quite manage it!

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